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by Anne-Grethe Filtenborg would hereby like to inform you about it's fashion presentation, which took place on July 11th.

Hosted by FOAM FASHION and FRAME, the event was part of Fashion Week Nederland’s DOWN Town program.

The event took place in Felix Meritis; one of Amsterdam’s beautiful old monuments and cultural strongholds.

A LIVE Fashion Film Production and Performance staged in an exhibition of the designers work included both live and stationary elements, seeking to bring the viewer in close, whilst playing with the roles of spectator and object.

The setting; an open wide space, facing the canal at Keizersgracht, was turned into a minimalistic gallery showcasing tableau vivants of a graphical nature. Three separate podia were in use, enabling the models to move between floor space and podia, ever forming new visual compositions.

The stationary exhibition elements included an interior project as well as a presentation of research, showing experimentation and innovation of new jacquard techniques, exploring three dimensionality in texture, pared with transparency and optical illusion.

For the event a soundscape was composed which added to the serene atmosphere of both performance and gallery setting.

A fashion film is in the making and will be launched in Octobre ’14.

About the label: KNITWEAR FOR PEOPLE AND PLACES © is a ‘cross label’ of fashion, textile and product design, focusing on innovation in textiles. The work is layered, tactile, light and refined, often containing 3D optical illusions, playing with contrast, perception and transparency. The total image proposes a dialogue between outspoken graphics and minimal form.

About the designer: Danish born Anne-Grethe Filtenborg studied textile design at Danmarks Design Skole, Copenhagen and later fashion design at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. The designer lives and works out of Amsterdam.


Design, Concept and Art direction: Anne-Grethe Filtenborg

Dramaturg and Choreographer: Martin Butler

Composer /Sound Designer: Natalia Dominguez Rangel

Graphic Design: Celine Wouters

Camera and light: Joao Costa

Styling: Marjo Kranenborg

Hair and Makeup: Yokaw@Angelique Hoorn

Assistants: Jesse Hajo de Jongh , Marcel Kröpfl and Rebecca Ward


Made possible by:

Stimuleringsfonds and Materiaalfonds

With thanks to:

Human Models, Paparazzi Models, Rocket Garage, Sims Modelmanagement, FRAME, FOAM, HAY, Co van der Horst, Cappellini, Fashion Week Nederland