‘I enhance my dress with my skin’ is a knitted couture lace project. The title reflects the concept in which lace is seen in its essence of transparency, creating a dialogue between skin and dress/cell, pixel and stitch, reflecting the eternal fascination and obsession with skin.

The body of work consists of a series of delicate dresses and tunics. The focus is on the textile development; light yet rich in texture, interacting with graphics and optical effects. It includes mesh-lace and the designer’s innovation of 3D jacquard knits in which the graphics become optical, ever changing contrast and color intensity in accordance to the wearer’s movements as well as the angle from which perceived. Silhouettes and details are kept minimal and pure, taking their cue from the textile aspects in terms of drape, floating aspect, plasticity or sculptural effect. Each model incorporates a graphic design which enhances the inner and outer silhouette. The pieces are crafted in extra fine Italian luxury yarns. The fibers used are silk with metal, a viscose composition with a unique matt/luster aspect and extra fine cashwool.


Photography: Qiu Yang